Advocacy Center

The A4N Advocacy Center supports Nevada’s broad-based arts advocacy movement and includes issue updates, action alerts, advocacy archives, and access to e-tools, including VoterVoice to easily communicate with elected officials across Nevada and Washington, D.C. With its resources and information about the arts and cultural public policy on local state and national levels, the Advocacy Center encourages citizens to maintain an ongoing dialogue with decision-makers about the value of the arts and arts education for Nevada’s social, educational and economic wellbeing.

Arts Advocacy – Stand Up for the ARTS!

Think of it as communication. Webster’s Dictionary defines advocacy as “the act of speaking, writing or acting in support of something or someone.” Advocacy is presenting your views on issues, laws, regulations or policies that affect you, your family and community. You voice matters. Many voices speaking on an issue of mutual concern can make a difference. The Independent Sector, a national leadership forum "working to encourage giving, volunteering, not-for-profit initiative, and citizen action," says there are three primary reasons why it's necessary to advocate for issues, which are important to you.

  • First, government affects every aspect of our lives;
  • Second, in a democracy, government responds to the wishes of the people; and
  • Third, if you don't advocate, remember someone else with a different viewpoint or cause will.