Artist Profiles

Tintabulations Handbell Ensemble

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Musician
Specialization: Handbell Ensemble

In 1996, seven of Barb Walsh's former students decided they wanted to continue ringing. They formed a group called "B Sharps" and rang two octaves of bells.

Tony Adamo

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Composer, Poet, Singer
Specialization: Nu Jazz Vocal/Trip Hop Spoken Word

It is into this utopian musical world that listeners are delivered on Tony Adamo and the New York Crew, the newest and most eclectically joyous release from an artist who is unapologetically beyond time. -Tony Adamo: Tony Adamo & The New York Crew Reviewed By Soultracks

Adamo Adamo

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Painting/Graphic Art

Tony Adamo has created a new musical genre: HipSpokenWord! Built on the wisdom of musical wizards like Gil-Scott Heron, Mark Murphy, Jack Kerouac and hip/hop master rappers, Tony speaks the Truth through his poetic musings.

Vozolo Dance Company - African Dance and African Drum Group

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Choreographer, Dancer, Musician
Specialization: African Dance & African Drum

Vozolo Dance Company ( is a Las Vegas-based professional African Dance and African Drum troupe founded by Master Dancer and Choreographer, Atito Gohi. The Company is co-directed by Atito Gohi and Master Drummer, Eric Bli Bi Gore, both originally from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Atito and Eric each have over 25 years of professional African drum, African dance, performance and theatrical production experience in venues spanning across the globe.

Harold Akyeampong

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Folk Artist, Musician, Teaching Artist
Specialization: African Music and Dance

Harold Akyeampong is the president of the Ghana chapter of the Percussive Arts Society.

Eve Allen

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Choreographer, Dancer, Teaching Artist

Eve Allen is a dance lecturer at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Department of Theater & Dance. She received her M.F.A. in Ballet (teaching and choreography) from the University of Utah and B.S. in Business Administration with a Dance minor from UNR. Allen performs locally with A.V.A.

Norbert Yao Anouaze Beat

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Folk Artist
Specialization: African Dance and Drumming

Norbert Yao’s energetic performances are exciting and filled with cultural details about his homeland, Cote d’Ivoire or the “Ivory Coast” of western sub-Saharan Africa.

Maria Arango

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Printmaker Author

Maria Arango Diener is a full-time artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada who works primarily in woodcut prints. Her work depicts the desert landscape and the enigmatic human figure, often in somewhat surrealistic style.

Nazanin Arastoo

Location: Washoe Valley, Nevada
Category: Teaching Artist, Visual Artist

Nazanin Arastoo is an artist and educator. She is a puppet maker, puppeteer, puppet script writer and stage designer. Her handmade unique puppets are made of found materials and have intricately drawn faces as well as multi-cultural themes and archetypal personalities.

Linda Arnn Arteno

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Photographer
Specialization: Landscape photography

Linda Arnn Arteno is a landscape photographer based in Northern Nevada. Her passion for the beauty that surrounds her has taken her all over the West exploring the Pacific coast, deserts, mountain peaks, National and State parks and everything in between.

Larry Aynesmith

Location: Incline Village, Nevada
Category: Musician
Specialization: Classical Guitar

Larry Aynesmith is an honoree of the Nevada Artist Fellowship Program. He has appeared on ABC Television and National Public Radio. He performs as a solo artist, in ensembles, and in symphony performances and concertos.

Sifu Steven Baugh

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Folk Artist
Specialization: Chinese Lion Dance and Martial Arts

Steven Baugh grew up outside Los Angeles. When he was a young adult his grandfather, a Native American curandero (healer), introduced him to a Chinese doctor who became dedicated to teaching Steven traditional medicine and Kung Fu.

Mary Bennett

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Actor, Director, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Improvisation, Teaching Theatre Artist, Arts Integration

Mary Bennett is currently the Producing Director of Brüka Theatre in Reno and divides her time between Producing/Acting/Directing and working as an actor and theatre Artist in Residence throughout the West Coast teaching improvisation, movement, theatre and mask and improvisation.

Mary Bennett

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Teaching Artist

Teaching Artist Acting and devising theatre since an early age, Mary Bennett has worked professionally as a theatre and teaching artist for over 20 years.

Christine Binns

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Abstract Artist

To be completely candid, while recognizing the risk of not sounding "artsy" enough for some...I am not a tortured artist. I do not claim to reach into my darkest depths for inspiration, I simply reach into any one of the nearby containers of paint and choose a color.

Glenda Bonin

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Category: Actor
Specialization: Theatre, Storytelling, Puppetry, Mask Making, Magic, Digital Storytelling, Combining Interdisciplinary Arts

Glenda Bonin skillfully combines story, magic and puppetry in tailor-made performances, assemblies and residencies. She is an energetic and creative performer/educator who enjoys working in both rural and urban settings throughout Nevada.

Zoe Bray

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Realist Painter

Zoe Bray is an artist in the realist and naturalist tradition, drawing in charcoal and painting in oils, directly from life. Her main subject is people and places, and the question of identity is central to her work.

Teresa Breeden

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Poet
Specialization: Poet, Workshop Instructor

A native of California but devotee of the Nevada high desert, Teresa Breeden currently resides in Carson City, NV where she teaches high school AutoCAD(Computer Aided Drafting). Breeden was raised in Carson City and lived there until college. She received her B.A.

Liz Broscoe

Location: South Lake Tahoe, California
Category: Musician
Specialization: Music, Percussion

With a professional drumming career spanning 30 years, Liz’s diverse rhythmic adventures began at the early age of ten. By age 18 she began her professional career as a drum set player and singer.

Carol Brown

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Teaching Artist, Visual Artist

In 2008, Carol Brown participated in a three-week invitational graphic art workshop, “Back to Basics”, in Basel, Switzerland. She earned a Certificate in Printmaking from the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston Texas and a B.S.

Dona Brown

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Folk Artist
Specialization: Irish Dance and Music

Though born in America, Dona Brown’s family, heritage, and heart are in County Cork, Ireland. Her great grandmother, who was still teaching Irish dance at 95 years of age, set a life course for Dona by teaching her to do a jig when she was about five years old.

Elinor Bugli

Location: Carson City, Nevada
Category: Musician
Specialization: Violinist

Elinor Bugli, violin, plays in the Carson City Symphony, Carson Valley Pops Orchestra, Ruby Mountain Symphony, and Silver Strings chamber ensembles.

Dean Burton

Location: Reno, Nevada
Category: Visual Artist
Specialization: Photography and Art Reproductions

A professional photographer, Dean Burton moved to Nevada from the Bay Area in 1998 to work at the University of Nevada, Reno. Now a Professor of Art/Photography at the Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Burton continues his teaching and exploring his medium for new exhibitions.

Diane Bush

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Photographer, Visual Artist
Specialization: Photography /Public Art

Las Vegas-based artist, Diane Olson-Bush has taught and created a breadth of commercial, documentary and fine art photography genres and techniques that span a 40-year career.

Stephen Caplan

Location: Henderson, Nevada
Category: Musician, Teaching Artist
Specialization: Classical musician

Why would a classically trained oboe player make Nevada his home? Because good music is at home everywhere. And for nearly three decades Nevada has enthusiastically welcomed Stephen Caplan's music.