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Las Vegas, Nevada

Christine Binns

Binns, Christine

To be completely candid, while recognizing the risk of not sounding "artsy" enough for some...I am not a tortured artist. I do not claim to reach into my darkest depths for inspiration, I simply reach into any one of the nearby containers of paint and choose a color.
I would be lying if I said I paint with absolute intent, raw emotion or with a pet monkey feeding me pistachios....I know, hard to believe. I can't honestly begin to explain my position in this, except to say I am just a (very humbled, happy and grateful) vehicle to a very intentional and all-knowing Artist, I call him God.
I was absolutely ignorant to the importance of art expression until I stood confused, touched and forever changed.....the day that first person was literally brought to tears, as they shared their interpretation of the piece I'd done. This is the unexplainable position I mentioned earlier and the reason I can't imagine ever not creating.
I love the mess, the beauty, the possibilities, the release of control and the unknowing...It's all pretty much the opposite of bad.