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Carson City, Nevada

Teresa Breeden

Breeden, Teresa

A native of California but devotee of the Nevada high desert, Teresa Breeden currently resides in Carson City, NV where she teaches high school AutoCAD(Computer Aided Drafting). Breeden was raised in Carson City and lived there until college. She received her B.A. from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she majored in English with a writing (poetry) emphasis. She moved back to Carson City in 1996 to complete her teaching credentials and joined Ash Canyon Poets during that time. She then spent several years in Berkeley, CA as a software tester, waitress, student, landscape assistant, and poet. In 2000, Breeden and her husband made a list of everything they wanted in their ideal habitat and began touring prospective cities to see where they would like to live. In 2001 they moved to their dream town, which also happened to be their hometown: Carson City, NV. Breeden remains a member of the Ash Canyon Poets and has been writing poetry for more than half her life. She regularly reads poetry at The Mile High Jazz Band's poetry and jazz performances in Carson City, has served as assistant editor for two literary journals, and has over 30 poems published throughout the United States. Some of the journals containing her work are Amherst Review, California Quarterly, Cold Mountain Review, Hurricane Review, Loonfeather, Mid-America Poetry Review, Ruah, Spillway, White Heron, and the anthology 90 Poets of the Nineties. In 2007, she was awarded a Nevada Arts Council Fellowship for her poetry. Community Workshops: "Everyone plays the parts of student and teacher at some point in life. What many people don't realize, is that they are also poets throughout their lives. People move through the world making poetry, experiencing poetry, and sharing poetry. In fact, movement itself, the transformation from past to present to future, the distillation of each moment lived, is an unwritten poem. Working in community allows people to capture and convey their poet natures. Workshops not only encourage the act of writing, but they also inspire new ideas and language. Further, workshops are a forum for feedback and editing: essentials in honing any written work. All art needs exposure to convey a message; poetry is no different."