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Vozolo Dance Company - African Dance and African Drum Group

African Dance and African Drum Group, Vozolo Dance Company -

Vozolo Dance Company ( is a Las Vegas-based professional African Dance and African Drum troupe founded by Master Dancer and Choreographer, Atito Gohi. The Company is co-directed by Atito Gohi and Master Drummer, Eric Bli Bi Gore, both originally from Ivory Coast, West Africa. Atito and Eric each have over 25 years of professional African drum, African dance, performance and theatrical production experience in venues spanning across the globe.

Vozolo's mission is to share the diverse traditional African dances, African rhythms, spirituality and culture primarily of Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa. Atito and Eric are both from the Gouro ethnic group of Ivory Coast and in their language, "Vozolo" means "we are going to make it one day" or simply put, "we keep it moving". It is the Company’s hope to immerse audiences in the beauty and healing nature of African traditions and to provide an experience where everyone can share the love of West African dance, African music, African drumming and African culture. Vozolo desires to teach, inspire and bridge the gap between Africans and the rest of the world with compassion and understanding. We hope to provide an experience where the world can share the love for music and dance, as we share our love with the world.

Vozolo Dance Company Founder, Atito Gohi

Atito Gohi. Atito, born Gouri Bi Gohi Johnson, is originally from Befla, a small village in the West African country of Ivory Coast. His family is Gouro, an ethnic group from Zionoufla. Atito's father, Gouri Henri, was a African dancer of Zaouli, the traditional mask dance of the Gouro people. His mother, Bertine Gohi, was a singer. Atito is one of fifteen children; their interests and careers ranging from the arts to law enforcement.

At age fourteen, Atito realized that he had a natural talent and love for African dance. His father, understanding his sons love for the arts, allowed him to pursue African dance full time. It was then that he formed an African dance troupe in Befla that performed throughout the villages.

As Atito became well known, particularly for his skill in dancing Zaouli, word of his ability reached a former dancer of the National Ballet, who encouraged him to audition for her dance company in Yamousoukro, the city of the President. After dancing with this group for three years, he was approached by the manager of the Nayai Club, a major African dance company in Abidjan, the country's capital. While dancing with the Nayai Club, he heard an announcement on the radio for auditions for the Ballet Nationale de C'ote d'Ivoire. He auditioned and joined the ballet shortly thereafter. It was with the National Ballet that Atito came to the United States to perform.

Since relocating to the United States in 1994, Atito continued his career in New York with the Mask Dance Company of the Ivory Coast. He has taught African Dance at Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre, St. Augustine School in the South Bronx, the Atlanta African Dance and Drum Festival and the Florida African Dance Festival. Atito has performed as an African dancer and musician at Disney World, The Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Natural History, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Brooklyn Academy of Music, HBO, Henry Street Settlement and Summer Stage.

In 2016 Atito moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and has performed at numerous events and venues throughout the Southern Nevada valley as well as Los Angeles, California. Through a Living Traditions Grant from the Nevada Arts Council and in conjunction with Nondi Wontonara, Atito shared the culture of the Ivory Coast and taught dances, respective songs and drum rhythms with dance students, dance instructors, drummers, and interested members of the Las Vegas community through weekly African dance workshops during the Fall/Winter of 2016. The project culminated in an African Drum and Dance performance for the community at Desert Harvest Mission Church, Las Vegas, some of which is captured in this video

Atito is a periodic African Dance instructor at the West Las Vegas Arts Center and has his own African dance and African drum classes throughout the Las Vegas Valley. He also stays busy teaching and performing at conferences nationwide while devoting substantial portions of his attention to directing his African drum and African dance troupe, the Vozolo Dance Company.

Vozolo Dance Company Service Offerings

Vozolo Dance Company gives its audience the chance to connect to the culture and share in the appreciation of Ivory Coast’s highly complex and spiritual world through captivating drum and dance scenes, mask ceremonies, traditional music and re-enactments of village traditions. The Company has many spectacular acts, full shows and choreographed pieces that can be customized to fit the needs of almost any occasion. Some of the Vozolo acts include but are not limited to:
Traditional Ivory Coast Rhythms and Dances - N’goron, Lobi, Katana, Boloi, Djansa, Flali, Ziglibitien, Zanloba, Gbegbe, Abodan
Drum Solo & Drum Ensemble pieces
Mask performance and presentations such as Zaouli a mask dance of the Gouro people
African Music & Song with traditional African instruments such as Balafon (African Xylophone) and Kora (African Harp)
African Acrobatics and other specialty acts
​​Vozolo Dance Company is a versatile ensemble that aims to be a one stop shop for all of your drum and dance needs. Vozolo Dance Company is available for
Full Professional Shows, Performances, Special Events
Group and Private Drum & Dance Instruction
Musical Production & Arrangement
Drum & Dance Ensemble Arrangement
Educational Outreach & School Programs
Cultural Exchange Trips to Ivory Coast, West Africa
Festivals, Conferences & Concerts
Corporate Drum Circles & Community Events
Corporate Events, Private Parties, Weddings & Ceremonies
Master Classes & Workshops

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English, French, Gouro
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Professional Development Workshops: Teacher/Staff Training
Vozolo Dance Company Ayodele Drum & Dance Conference (Chicago) Camp Fareta African Drum & Dance Camp (California)
Program/Residency Activity Descriptions: Schools/Communities
West Las Vegas Arts Center / Performing Arts Summer Camp Nevada Arts Council Grant/Folklife/Living Traditions Program in conjunction with Nondi Wontonara Vozolo Dance Company ongoing drum and dance classes Ayodele Drum & Dance Conference (Chicago) Camp Fareta African Drum & Dance Camp (California)