About Our Directories

Performing Arts Presenters

An organization that selects and presents performing artists to the public. These artists can be solo performers, a group or company; can be of any discipline, and can be local, regional, national or international. A presenter differs from a performing arts group or company, which performs its own work.

Local Arts Agencies

A government agency or nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to support and reflect the arts in the community it serves. Local arts agencies are typically knows as local arts councils or arts commissions and often provide a balance between public programming, financial support, cultural facility management, professional development training, and other services that assist the local arts community.


A public event that presents one or many art forms, during a specific timeframe for the purpose of celebrating the arts, cultures and/or traditions; and bringing the community together. Festivals can be free to the public or charge admission. The festival space may be dedicated to the event or repurposed for the duration of the event.

Visual Arts Presenters

Organizations or venues that provide space to exhibit work by visual artists. The exhibits can be selected by jury, curator, or by invitation; and can present any form of visual expression, including paintings, drawings, sculpture, multimedia, installation and so on. The exhibit space can be expressly designed as a gallery or may have other functions as well such as libraries, performing arts centers or museums.

Arts Learning Resources

This directory of materials and links is intended to serve individuals, organizations, schools and communities that provide, or are interested in, lifelong arts education/learning opportunities for Nevadans of all ages and abilities.

Artist Profiles

Meet Nevada’s artists that keep the Silver State’s cities and towns “rich in arts.”

Artists of all disciplines living and working in Nevada may submit information, bios, images and website links to be included in the Artist Profiles section of the Arts4Nevada.org. We encourage you to submit text that is concise and clear about what you do and what services you offer if any, and include images of you and your work that are compelling and noteworthy.